Who made the first cut to Deep Springs?

<p>I'm interested in applying.</p>

<p>I too shall allow them to accept me. I know beyond all doubts that this center of learning should be granted the honor of my glorious presence.</p>

<p>Pride is a weakness.</p>

<p>Though you speak truthfully, pride in one's abilities will also lend strength. However, only when that pride duly founds itself upon truth can it empower: My pride stems from a lifetime of accomplishing tasks you and the rest of the world's cattle scarcely recognized nor appreciated.</p>

<p>As a side note to one barely worthy of my advice: Avoid utilizing the passive voice while writing. It degrades the quality of your written word, and will convince others of your linguistic immaturity.</p>

<p>You don't strike me as someone who would devote themselves to a life of service?</p>

<p>They see me trollin'...</p>