who was admitted by cornell??????

<p>were u admitted by cornell? if u were,can u share your experience?</p>

<p>what did u guys get on the sat I and II ?
what did u get on ur school GPA?
what extra curricular activity did u guys have?</p>

<p>here are the stats of a guy who posted his decision in class of 2012-</p>

<p>mal3889 12-20-2007, 05:59 PM
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<p>Join Date: Nov 2007
Threads: 3
Posts: 57 Decision: Accepted to Cornell Engineering</p>

SAT: 1530/2250; M 730, CR 800, W 720
SAT IIs: Math IIC 800, Physics 770
GPA: No official GPA issued
Rank: No official rank but within the top 3
Edexcel GCE O Levels (highest grade is A): </p>

<p>Math - A
Chemistry - A
Physics - A
Biology - A
Human biology - A
History - A
English Language - A
French - A
IT - A
English Literature - C (:P) </p>

<p>Edexcel GCE A Levels:</p>

<p>Physics - A
Math - A
Chemistry - course in progress
Biology - course in progress </p>

Essays: pretty good but not amazing
Teacher Recs: one was excellent; the other was good but included mostly generic comments
Counselor Rec: excellent but she didn't include much detail.</p>

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Country (currently residing in): UAE
Gender: M</p>


<p>Have been playing the piano for about 7 years but did not do any of the official exams. Won 1 competition (but it wasn't very prestigious). Played the piano at a few cultural events. </p>

<p>Very involved in the Sri Lankan community here. As said above, have played the piano and also compered at a few cultural events and festivals. Acted in several Sri Lankan plays performed at these festivals (although I stopped when I graduated to grade 11).</p>

<p>Won a public speaking and math competition (it was intraschool so probably not that important). Also did LAMDA public speaking exams upto grade 7 with honours.</p>

<p>Have been very involved in a program to help the disabled called 'best buddies' for the past 2 years (wrote my common app long essay about one of the special needs kids).</p>

<p>Represented my school at an interschool model UN.</p>

<p>As part of my community service at school, regularly taught Math and Physics to kids from grade 9 to 11.</p>

<p>General Comments: My ECs are really not that impressive. I think one of my hooks was the fact that I'm Sri Lankan and that there are probably very few Sri Lankans applying as compared to Indians or Chinese. Also I scored a 100% on my History O Level Board Exams which was an unprecedented feat at my school. I also topped my 11th grade final exams in several other subjects.</p>

<p>PS - I did my Chem SAT II in December because, even though I could not use that score for my ED app, I thought I would use it for my RD apps. I just checked my scores today and now I have an 800 in chem lying around and can't use it for anything.......lol :P</p>