Why can't girls express their sexuality like guys?

<p>no, my best friend is a slut and i love her.</p>

<p>I agree with lucky. The key analogy is more about the "double standard" acossiated with men who sleep aroung being legends and girls who sleep aroung being sluts. That of course assumes that sluts are bad which (at least in my experience is sometimes though not always the case). Also all the girls I know who go to all girls schools express themselves sexually more than girls who go to mixed schools. I open the floor.</p>

Stereotypes are stupid, no matter which way they go.


<p>if I had to stereotype sluts as either a bunch of dumb whores, or funny girls that are open sexually, I'm going with the latter because that's what I've seen</p>

<p>^My point is that you don't have to stereotype.</p>

<p>lies lies lies</p>

<p>^ You go to college in Southern California and ot at Caltech thus by this point you much be an expert on the species known as "homo sluttius" care to give your expert opinion?</p>

<p>I guess, but this whole issue is based on the stereotype that girls who sleep around are bad sluts to be avoided and guys that sleep around are awesome man-gods to be worshiped and loved. That's false so I bring another, that "sluts" are some really cool, funny people with laid-back personality and they usually aren't that catty like in the movies. The catty girls are the ones angry at sluts.</p>

<p>I didn't really hang out on frat row, and as awesome as some of the post-Tipsy-Thursday stories I heard were, they usually revolved around alcohol more than sex.</p>

<p>But I did see some interesting Halloween costumes. Spring was nice too.</p>

<p>No, guys who sleep around are called man whores. :)</p>

<p>And no, it is not a turn on to girls when guys have had a lot of sexual partners. It shows indecisiveness or lack of commitment.</p>

<p>The fault is on the people like you who have decided that being a "lady's man" is a good thing, and that being a "slut" is a bad thing. This isn't anything that anyone decided, you looked at it and decided those yourself. Everyone of you calling out a double-standard just created it yourself. Your fault.</p>

<p>More seriously, I'm going with Gryffon5147.</p>

<p>Hahahaha. TheYankInLondon is so awesome.</p>

<p>And yeah, I did tend to notice that sluts are pretty funny. They party a lot.</p>

<p>I'm going to necro this and point out that part of the reason why guys are so much more into sex (pun moderately intended) is because guys have these long appendages hanging out around their pelvic areas that are just kind of out there and enticing; meanwhile, girls don't. None of you mentioned this so I figured I would.</p>