Why can't I embed photos or link photos?

Good morning, everyone

Every time I post a thread. It won’t allow me to insert photos? I always get this message ’ Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.'

Is it because I have to be more than a year on this forum in order to get those posting privileges?


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You are a level 1 user. One has to be level 2 or above to post photos. The details were listed on this thread


Oh thanks, each forum has different rules and levels I see now.

You forum users are the best.


How can i check my level?


You joined 20 minutes ago. As s new member, you are at trust level 0.

Clicking on your avatar brings up your profile, which will list nothing or basic, member, or senior member, which are trust levels 0 through 3 respectively.

More about trust levels here.