Why choose ODU?

<p>I'm hoping to revive this forum a little. I have a 2014 S who visited over spring break and liked the campus, opportunities, and activity he saw quite a bit. Since its been about a year since anyone wrote here, I was hoping current students and perhaps some of the 2013 kids who are going to be freshmen next year might have some thoughts. What do you like best? Does the neighboring area concern you at all? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I graduated from ODU in 89 and have family and the children of friends down there now. None of the male or female students express concerns about their safety and are enjoying their experiences. Norfolk is a city and has to deal with crime on a larger scale than rural and suburban areas. I have attended a couple of homecoming and have noticed a significant campus police presence. Maybe that is why safety is not a concern. As parents, we are have concerns for our child and want the best for them. I would not let a party school representation or surrounding areas stop a dream. Sadly, I know some parents who still won’t let their children apply to Tech due to safety concerns. Unfortunately, almost all schools have had to deal with substance abuse, sexual assaults and violence on the campus.<br>
Wherever he enrolls, I hope he enjoys the experience.</p>