Why do you go to US?

<p>just curious. since this is the international thread, all of you are willing to leave your own country for american universities...why?</p>

<p>basically, it was something different from what i had at home. its kinda like getting myself out of a comfort zone and throwing myself head first into a new system and society. yes, i miss my family and friends, but i have gained so much out of this. coming here forced me to grow up even more, and whenever i go back home and meet my friends, i realize that my experiences have prepared me so much better that local undergraduates, not just for work but for life as well. </p>

<p>as for the us specifically, the main reason was because of the flexibility of the us education system. the idea of being able to study a variety of classes was a big draw for me. another was that the best students tend to go to the us nowadays, and i felt that i would enjoy interacting with them.</p>

<p>I think it's the most well-rounded educational experience anyone can have, particularly since most of us are gunning for the ivies, top LACs or anything in the top 25, where you're definitely gonna get diversity, culture and a quality education.</p>

<p>I'm from Singapore, and considering I've lived here half my life, it's getting boring. Plus the local universities don't give much choice in terms of subject selection. Also, like the UK, they force you to decide on the area of concentration you'd like to pursue the minute you sign up. How the hell am I supposed to know what I want to for the rest of my life at the age of 18?</p>

<p>(1st reason)
Im going because Im sick of living in a small country (new zealand) - where everything is so undeveloped and boring. --you know those flip phones? like the ones from Samsung and motorola and blahblah? They were only introduced THIS YEAR. Color screen phones were introduced THIS YEAR.
I feel like if I'm living in Fiji or something.</p>

<p>(2nd reason)
Going to university here doesnt really give me a good international qualification considering that I want to live somewhere else (probably Korea or America) when Im older. I want a good job with a good qualification.
Here, no one cares about going to university. They usually skip university and do somthing without a qualification -like a builder - practically all boys do that. Most girls do a 'hairdressing'/'makeup' course at a small institute like polytech or something.
Half of my class dropped out of school this year - we're year 11 - 16 years old.</p>

<p>(3rd reason)
I want diversity. I want big. I want differnt flavoured icecreams at shops that doesnt only have vanilla.</p>

<p>(4th reason)
Universities here look like old brown factories, except for one.</p>

<p>Because my parents paid high tuition for me to go to a very competitive American-based private prep school in Asia and its easier to go to a college in the US than in Europe.</p>

<li>Because its universities are ranked among the best in the world (at least the ones I'm applying: Harvard, Duke, Stanford, UCSD, WUSTL)</li>
<li>Because I don't want to live in Mexico City anymore (I hate my hometown), and specially I don't like the way people tend to think here (what I like to call the looser's mentality, instead of the self-made person I prefer)</li>
<li>Because I have studied really hard during my college years (I'm applying for grad school) and I want to be a Political Science professor one day. Here, in Mexico, that's not possible (I think there is only one school with a PhD in Political Science and it is not a good one!)</li>
<li>Because I have dreamed about studying in the US since I remember, but I had not the courage (nor the money) to apply for college in the US five years ago, and this time I'm ready. I want to live in a country with a different culture, away from home, from my family and my friends, just for the experience, and to become a better and more rounded women.</li>
<li>Because later on I want to live in the US in the future. I kind of like the country because of its multicultural aspects. </li>

<p>I think that we all want to go to the US for similar reasons. What sometimes amazes me is that some US people does not realize how lucky they are to have such an educational system in their own country. Good luck to all of you. I really hope we all receive acceptance letters soon.

<p>i was there last summer, i liked it a lot, ppl are way more interesting and also, my dad works in St. Louis</p>

<p>It is the place where people from all Countries meet.</p>

<p>lived there before, in seattle. my bro's also born there so obviously i'll have to make some kind of home for him there first. he's like 12 years younger than me so i do have some responsibility. besides, i like it there, where everything's accepted, not conservative at all.of course the great education is a plus...</p>

<p>i could give a lot of reasons, but its basically because us universities are simply the best</p>

<p>I would have to say the reason I chose to study in the US is because I knew I would never live there later on in life and I wanted to try it, if only for a few years. I also think the US system is well balanced and that campus life on on a US campus (only a few of them mind you) is hard to match.</p>

<p>Because I like it's multicultural espect and I really need a change of view :)</p>

<p>*multicultural aspect</p>

<p>I only want to go the the US for two reasons:</p>

<p>1) The College student life. It is something unique that universities all around the world lack. You have 4 years to really discover yourself, academically and personally.</p>

<p>2) Flexibility. Going to a LAC or a college with a LA curriculum gives you the flexibility to try many things on your way of getting your degree, while at our countries we need to study x years on specific subjects which are degree oriented. </p>

<p>Europe would be my favorite place to go for the cultural diversity, the language study opportunities, the idiosincracy of Europeans and many other reason. However because they lack the American style college life and flexibility, I think I'll leave Europe for Grad school and study abroad. </p>


<p>For research opportunities :).
Plus things mentioned above.</p>

<p>Because I live here.</p>

<p>the experience, opportunities, fun, better universities.
nofx : i think NZ is one of the best and most beautiful countries in the world to live in</p>

<p>yeah it is one of the best and most beautiful countries in the world...for grandparents and retired people who want to live relaxed and just watch the cars going past.
I feel so frustrated, living in a small place where everything goes around slowly. Im sure that there's atleast one person here that feels this way (about their country)?!?!</p>

<p>first of all, because there are no good schools in my country
secondly, because a woman can not get a decent job there</p>