Why do you read?

<p>What do you enjoy most about reading?</p>

<p>when I was little, I'd like to envision I was the character and was in their place, and I would learn from their decisions.</p>

<p>the escapism.</p>

<p>^Me too!</p>

<p>Using my imagination to experience things that I would never be able to experience in reality is amazing. </p>

<p>Books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter of perfect examples of that.</p>

<p>My mother used to read to me when she was knocked up with me while I sucked the life out of her like the parasitic creature I was.
She also read to me when I was little. So I ended up growing to love reading. If I could get a job doing nothing but reading my favorite books, I'd be an overworked millionaire.</p>

<p>To get a glimse of the worlds that I never will be able to see.
Fandoms are great.
It's fun.</p>

<p>1) I'm a history buff, so I read a lot of history books (particularly about wars, WWII novels, etc.)
2) To learn, especially for school.
3) For fun, to get a story, plot, etc.
4) Escapism, to imagine myself in that world, etc.
5) Many, many more reasons.</p>

<p>I like reading factual info, because it's fun and I love truth and interesting facts. :></p>

<p>^ Ditto. I can't stand novels. I like reading only material that provides information and knowledge.</p>

<p>To increase my score on the Critical Reading section of the SAT.</p>

the escapism.


<p>this. When I read a book, I experience the main character's emotions..I feel like I am * there *.</p>

To increase my score on the Critical Reading section of the SAT.


<p>That's so sad :(</p>

<p>for fun. or to get a better grade on a test than i would without reading.</p>

<p>I want to learn.</p>

<p>Lol the only time I read is when i need too. Currently, I am indulging in the work of PR in reviewing for the Spanish SAT Subject test. After that, I plan on moving on to a rather thrilling read known as Biology: The Science of Life for a placement test at my college. Finally, if I find the time, I will embark on a journey thru Zumdal's Chemistry to bring my summer to an end. Scattered thru those major reads, I plan on reading up on some Ibanking books and possibly a book on Christianity and Science...idk.</p>

<p>I read (past tense) all the time, from when I was little to freshman year, because it's... fun. I like an interesting story. </p>

<p>This year I think I read maybe 5 books this year outside of school work. That's such a small number ;__;</p>

<p>because its interesting</p>

<p>Mentioned this before, but I read through the World Almanac and CIA Factbook during Library Time in elementary school. Best part of my day besides going to "gifted class", and doing interesting projects.</p>

<p>I hate non-fiction. I can't concentrate on reading it. Reading novels is like watching movies, but without visual and sound effects. It's subtler. And just better.</p>

<p>To go to school and not be marked as 'illiterate'.</p>