Why is College of Charleston overwhelmingly female?

Yes, many colleges skew female these days. But at CofC there’s just 31% women. Great for my hetero son, I suppose (more than two girls for every guy on campus) but … why is that? Is it something about the school, the location, the majors? What?

My figures differ from yours. You have “31% female”, while US News reports “63% female”. Probably due to the historic & romantic charm of the city of Charleston combined with the lack of a football team.

CofC has quite a few majors that draw female students including education, theatre,arts, hospitality and event planning . Lack of football probably does factor in as well. My son is a junior there and my youngest son will be attending there next fall. The Gap is closing. My oldest is a CS major so his major has quite a few male students.

With respect to majors, the largest declared major by far is business at 25%, then biology at 13%, social sciences 10%, visual & performing arts at 9%, and psychology at 7%.

One of the explanations I got was no football. That makes sense.

A lot of colleges we looked at over the years for my kids had/has a 60/40 ratio of women to men. My understanding has always been because more women attend college in general as men either join the military or union jobs like electricians, etc. I could be wrong.

Either way, my S19 is cool with it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: