Why is May 17 and..

<p>I'm still wearing a turtleneck and fleece vest??? Only in the lovely Northeast. Oh and not to mention still taking Vitamin D supplement because there is no sunshine around here. Ahhh, feel better getting that off my chest!</p>

<p>Why it is May 17 and it is humid as heck and 90 degrees here? It's only going to get more humid and hotter...south Texas, why must you be like this from April to November (except for hurricanes)?! </p>

<p>Dreaming of myself in a turtleneck, fleece vest and being cool!</p>

<p>The grass is always greener . . .</p>

<p>Well it is 50 something and raining here in California.</p>

It's only going to get more humid and hotter...


<p>It will only get hotter for some, if the world ends on Saturday.</p>

<p>Get</a> ready: World ends May 21, according to radio preacher Opinion The Picayune Item</p>

<p>I'm wearing a turtleneck and heavy socks, and I'm still a little chilly. At least it is green and lush outside!</p>

<p>only 59 here, but sunny & pretty, I'll take it!</p>

<p>In Maryland I have on a hoodie and Birkenstocks. I can't decide and neither can the weather...</p>

<p>Outside of Chicago and it hasn't hit 60 yet today.</p>

<p>It's rainy and depressing here, but not especially cold. High 60s.</p>

<p>I guess I'll take a shower and curl my hair on Friday night. If I'm raptured up on Saturday, I want to look good. If I'm not raptured up, I'll be ready for our hometown festival. Either way, I'll be good to go. lol.</p>

<p>I thought this thread was going to be about the parade!
17th</a> of May Syttende Mai</p>

<p>It's 50 and rainy here, with clouds and rain predicted for the next 7 days. </p>


<p>We haven't had an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, a hurricane, a historic flood, mudslides or wildfires. My house is in one piece and my electricity works.</p>

<p>I'll take what I can get. :cool:</p>

<p>I went to Arizona a month ago and started wearing sandals there. When I got home I kept them on although my feet were chilly. Well, today I had to break out the socks and shoes again. I'm on the couch next to the fire with a fleece on.</p>

<p>And I thought you all going to wish me well on the 47th anniversary of my First Communion!! Don't ask me why that date sticks in my head when I really can't remember how many years I've been married!</p>

<p>Well congrats lololu!! And yes Lafalum84, all things considered, we are lucky in this part of the country.</p>

<p>Sigh -- the weatherman on TV just said something about 3 straight days of rain in the forecast. We just HAD 3 straight days of rain last week! I'm beginning to think it's not even worth planting tomatoes this summer...</p>

<p>Cool and rainy with a high of sixty today here in NC. Had to wear a sweatshirt on my after dinner walk.
Weekend forecast predicts mid-80's..yay for Spring.</p>

<p>I think it's going to be one of those years when it goes from winter right into steamy summer. YUCK...</p>

<p>I'm wearing a hoodie and 3/4 sleeve t-shirt in NY and it was just as cold and wet over the weekend in Pittsburgh. My younger son is enjoying the chill while he can - he's off to Jordan in June where it should be hot, hot, hot.</p>