Why should I choose UB over Syracuse?

<p>Ok obviously if i go to UB, with financial aid and scholarships received i would only pay 3,000 annually. Syracuse I got a nice sum of scholarship/financial aid, but even with the 21,000 theyre offering me, id have to shell out 30,000 a year. Other than financial reasons, what else can i compare? (i visited both schools already). Thanks for any advice</p>

<p>i think it should depend on the major that u will be studying, what is your major anyways</p>


<p>r u planning to go to grad school, if so, i would take UB over Syracuse because it s cheaper and grad school is a lot more important than undergrad</p>

<p>UB's accounting program is very good and I know several good CPA's who went through it. You'll do 5 years, correct? Any good accountant would tell you to save the $135K. Being an accountant is more about the advanced degrees or certifications you'll receive than about which school you attended.</p>

<p>Btw, I am one and graduated from SU.</p>

<p>wow that really says alot. a graduate from SU telling me to save money and attend UB. that means alot thanks</p>

<p>i love both schools....
but truly i'd say go to ub</p>

wow that really says alot. a graduate from SU telling me to save money and attend UB. that means alot thanks


<p>That was close to 30 years ago, and my parents thought SU's tuition was ridiculous then, lol! I did it "on the cheap" by doing my first 2 years at a CC with an articulation agreement with SU and also worked 20 hours/week and saved during that time. Still found plenty of time to go out/hang out...but school and work were my priorities after freshman year! Managed to graduate on time with well under $10K in debt, but that was when SU was around $20K per year. </p>

<p>It is a good school but, other than a bit more name recognition when I lived in the south (due to basketball, not academics), it never came up or was even acknowledged in job interviews. What was often discussed and recognized on the college portion of my resume was graduating with honors, internships, taking extra courses (concentrations and grad level), and things of that type. Those are the door openers you'll want to concentrate on. Do not let your GPA falter in your early gen ed classes and do take advantage of the business/leadership opps UB offers. You'll thank me later...! :)</p>