Why you should avoid Stevens

I am a junior here at Stevens and I absolutely hate it here. This school has been falling apart for the past 5 years. There has been a lot of cheating scandals at this University that has caused many Financial/Defense companies to blacklist this school. This means that these companies will never accept anyone who is currently working to get or has a Stevens Degree. Within the past 4 years, companies no longer consider us a target school, which means this school is becoming less and less of a pipeline for major companies. As far as I know, companies like Goldman Sachs, JPMC, Wells Fargo all recruit directly from NJIT and Rutgers but not Stevens. Social Life is currently at a all time low. Recently there was a incel scandal that shook the school. There were quite a few students talking about a girl in a misogynistic way. This incident was reported to Title IX, but no action was taking place because there was a possibility that it will effect their already small donations. Recently the SGA (Student Government Association) was caught red handed in engaging in predatory behavior, such as falsely filing a Title IX and trying to interfere with the NJ State Government. This issue came to light when Students found out. Effectively the SGA got reduced to an echo and as a result the Student body no longer has a voice. Ever since, the student body and the current Stevens Administration has become more distant than ever. The admins don’t care but looking for ways to line their pockets with money. Did you know the current Stevens president gets paid more than Princeton University’s president? The school has a budget of less than 300 million (making it one of smallest budgeted schools in the state) yet we have such high salaries for senior level admins. It is crazy with all the corruption, money laundering, and the devastation the current admins are causing.

I am telling you right now, you may think this school looks great on the outside, but it is not, I am absolutely fed up with all the scandals this school has had in the past 10 years. Enough is enough, it is too late for me to transfer out, so I am stuck here, but make your decision wisely.

I have a sophomore at Stevens and have not heard about any of this. Please cite your sources, because otherwise this is just heresay from a new account user.

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sure think what ever you want. Paying thousands of dollars will not set anything. believe what ever you want.

Just to elaborate, most of the info is readily available online. You can easily google search and you will find a bunch of articles such as from NYT, the Stute, etc. All of them explain how this university gone down hill.

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