Will a C+ in biology affect my honors class in the future?

I am an 8th grader who is doing high school work. All of my school report cards have always been As or Bs. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a C. I got a C in biology but I don’t want it to affect my future high schools classes. Is a C passing? Will it hurt me? Does it look bad? I also would like to go to some good universities soon. Please don’t sugar coat it, I really need to know. Also in the state of Florida, what happens if I miss 14 days of school? Thank you.

No, a C will not be the ruin of you. My D21 got a C+ in Honors Bio freshman year and never let that happen again. She has had straight A’s since. So far, it has not affected the colleges she has gotten into as she has demonstrated that she continues to improve every year. Good luck!

If you intend upon applying to direct admit nursing programs in the future then some will not look favorably upon a C in Bio. If something like that becomes a factor, you could take a dual enrollment bio course or see if your HS would allow you to take an AP Bio course with a C. A lot depends upon the HS you will attend.

It is very rare that colleges even see 8th grade grades. You could ask your guidance counselor if your school/class happens to be one of the exceptions.

Good luck!