Will Berkeley rescind my admission if I am unable to sit for A Level examinations

Berkeley has a condition that you have to have at least 3 A levels to remain eligible for admission. However, the country where I am coming for cancelled exams for all except for A levels despite very critical situation around COVID 19. My parents dont agree with me giving exams in such a condition. But, Berkeley has been a dream and I am scared they can rescind admission if I dont have my A levels. And this is just not me but almost everyone in my country going to Berkeley have written. All other IVYs said no need to risk yourself. Please tell me do you think Berkeley would waive off A levels?

Did you email admissions and explain the situation to them?

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yes, 6-7 kids wrote from my country

And Berkeley’s response was you’ll be rescinded unless you take the exams? Also I was a bit confused in your original post: your exams were canceled or they’re available but your parents don’t want you to sit for them?

Only Berkeley admissions can answer this question. If you are told it is OK to skip the exams by an Admission Officer there I would get it in writing.

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Will you be awarded your diploma if you don’t sit this session?

I will from my high school. But not an official diploma

so They are cancelled for everyone except for senior year high school students. They’ve been given option to take in October November. However, children who need to go abroad can sit for them. But, the situation in my country is very critical now. Ivys and other schools said its ok and not to give exams

@happy1 is right: only Berkeley can answer your question and get it in writing if they say it’s waived.

Do you have a back up school if Berkeley becomes an issue for you?

I did have Barnard, CMU, Georgia Tech, and UPenn… but Berkeley is a dream

Contact them directly by indicating that, “due to the pandemic, exams have been cancelled and A-Levels will be taken in November. You will be delivered a high school diploma but will not have A Levels to show. How does this affect your offer of admission?”
(Odds that the exams won’t be cancelled when the pandemic is raging are low and long-covid risks make it very dangerous even for young people, so I understand your parents).

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