Will colleges reimburse tuition for student medical withdrawals?

I saw this news story this morning about The University of Arizona’s refund policy.


What is everyone else seeing from their college or university? Does your school provide a refund if your student is forced to withdraw due to COVID-19 or other illnesses?

D19’s school doesn’t refund for medical withdrawals, that’s what tuition/room and board insurance is for. AFAIK.

My son goes to a technical college. He recently chose to drop his summer class at midterm due to some mental health issues which resulted in a brief inpatient hospital stay (he was getting a B so doing well but he knew he wouldn’t have the focus for the rest of the semester). His college allows one extenuating circumstance per student while enrolled of which we got 80% of the tuition back.

Thank you for sharing. What a relief to see a school provide 80% of tuition back. That is generous. Did you get housing or academic fees back too?

It is worth it to get tuition refund insurance. You get 100% back and if you get financial aid, you get that amount too. In other words, if total cost for a semester is, say, $25k (including room and board, and you paid nothing out of pocket due to financial aid, you still get $25k with a medical withdrawal if insured.

Definitely is worth the extra money for the tuition insurance.

He is living off campus now with friends so no housing fees this summer.

His tech school continues to grow partnership programs with state universities as well. I’ve been pretty impressed overall this past year.