Will I get in to Middlebury?

I am a fairly good student, with a 3.6 unweighted and a 4.1 weighted gpa. I come from a very rigorous private school in California, where usually one or two people get into Middlebury. I played 3 sports through sophomore year, and I have been on a leadership group for all years in high school. I am bilingual, and I have already completed AP Spanish. I have been working at an elementary school for the last two years, which no other high school student has done before. I also have excellent teacher recs, and both of my parents attended. What are my chances?

How does your GPA compare to those of the students who are accepted to Middlebury from your high school? While 3.6 is not a low GPA by any means, it is lower than most of the unhooked students who are accepted to Middlebury.

What grade are you in?

@shinkle13, welcome. Try to answer two questions as honestly as possible:

  • What is it about Midd versus Williams/Yale/Pomona/Darmouth that makes you think that it is the place for you?
  • Why should Midd pick you rather than one of the other roughly 10,000 applicants who will apply in a normal year? What is it that you will bring to the Midd community that makes a compelling case to admit you?

Once you’ve done that, you can then think about how to apply - i.e., do you apply ED or not? If you want to maximise your chances, then ED is a good option. You should also visit Midd when that’s possible, and in any event reach out to your preferred department via the deparmental website if there’s something or someone you’d like to study with.

I hope this helps; Midd isn’t all about the numbers, so make the numbers as good as possible but also explain to them why you’re a compelling candidate.

Good luck!

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Get an SAT above 1400 and write a good essay and I would say your chances are good.

Also, Midd loves ED kids so apply ED if you’re very low income or your parents are paying and you like Midd and want to come. I go there, most of my peers from private schools have 1300-1500s and often lower GPAs, Midd is very forgiving with numbers if you have good recs and a good common app, they really are looking for fit.

@shinkle13, you say you are bilingual. Is Spanish your first language/spoken in your home, or are you fluent in a third language other than English and Spanish? If Spanish is spoken at home it would not count as foreign language study in terms of college admissions.