Will I get into Penn State UP? HELP

I toured Penn State last year and I fell in LOVE. I absolutely love everything about it, but I feel like they won’t accept me. I did Early Action and I also signed up for the Summer Session. I have a 3.8 GPA but due to COVID-19 I have decided not to submit my SAT/ACT scores because I had no available location to take them. I did Varsity Cheer for 2 years and was voted Captain, and I also plan on playing Varsity Softball this year. My only problem is that I took only 3 APs and some Honors classes. I know Penn State Main is extremely competitive and I’m scared they’ll deny me just because I didn’t take enough “hard” classes. I also don’t know if this helps, but my mom works for the Penn State Med Center and my Grandma is an alumni. Please help!!! I’m really nervous.

What major did you apply to? A 3.8 with some honors and AP classes should be enough for admission to a lot of majors, but not the very competitive ones. Did you select summer option as well? I expect you will get in without it but it’s a good back up to have.

My major is Psych and yes I applied for the summer option!!

You should be fine!