Will My Acceptance Be Rescinded

<p>I got a d+ in physics last semester but my overall GPA was higher for last semester than before. I am struggling again this semester but the outcome will probably be similar. I got a 23 on the ACT and am coming from out of state(i heard that helps). I am also in two AP classes. At the time i applied my high school did not send my transcripts from my old high school. They only saw one semester of actual grades all other courses had a "G" next to them. I'm having them send my grades from my old high school now so they know this isn't the norm. So will they take away my acceptance? Any advice or knowledge is greatly appreciated. Sorry if the transcript part was confusing. I don't know how else to explain it.</p>

<p>BG is highly unlikely to rescind your acceptance for any reason other than criminal behavior. I think you'll be fine. Good luck, my future fellow Falcon!</p>