Will my AP scores affect my overall admission?

I am constantly thinking about how horrible my AP scores are:

AP English Language and Composition - 3
AP Calculus AB - 3 (self-study)
AP Computer Science Principles - 4
AP Spanish IV - 3

(Did not take APUSH or APWH)

Although I did have technical difficulties on the first part of the AP Calculus AB exam, I just can’t get over the fact that I could have showcased a much better score. I am already applying to multiple UC’s and these scores are really affecting my confidence in a negative way.

I am most definitely re-taking these (excluding CSP) exams my senior year, is there any point if they are not going to be reported anyways other than to gain college credit?

I am aware that I can self-report these scores but I still believe that I am much better than what I received. Should I report them in my common application? Planning to major in architecture, I am stressing out over these scores and I can not find any hope of competitiveness.

I looked over college credit for the UC’s I am applying to and saw that most accepted a score of 4 and above on the Spanish and English exam. Yet again I am determined to do better than my past self.

These are the UC’s I am planning to apply:
UCLA (Ill take my chances)

Cal States:
Cal Poly Pomona

These are the AP courses that I have taken so far:
AP World History - C, B (Deceptive peer cost me my grade first semester)
AP English Language & Composition - A, A
AP Computer Science Principles - A-, A+
AP Spanish IV - A, A-
AP United States History - B-, A+
AP Macroeconomics (IP - A)
AP Government & Politics (IP - A+)
AP Calculus BC (IP - B+)
AP English Literature & Composition (IP - A-)

Other courses:
Physics Honors - A+, A+
D.E. Math Analysis - B, B

Disregarding GPA and extracurriculars, should I even report the scores of 3? APUSH exam will also be taken my senior year, prepared a study document containing all material required.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

AP scores are not listed in the application review for any of the UC’s (exception UCB) or in the Cal states. These schools are more interested in the grades you receive in these classes vs. test scores.

I would only report the 3 scores if the UC’s or Cal states give you credit. If not, then just report the 4’s and 5’s.

Retaking them Senior year will not make a difference, since you will already have your college decisions even before the retakes. Waste of time unless you want the College credit.

I am just doing it for the college credits since I know it will save me money.

Thank you! I found this extremely helpful.