will OSU give me better financial aid?

My family’s income dropped from $200,000 to $22,000 and we did a financial aid appeal form to get more money, because I’d be paying full out of state tuition. I’m currently waiting on the results. I need the tuition to be less then $30,000. Do you think Ohio state will bring it down to this point?

No. You are OOS and it’s a state school. They don’t have the resources to offer additional financial aid. They offer very little need aid as it is to OOS students.

You need tuition to be less than $30k/year or the entire cost of attendance to be less than $30k? Those are two different things. Was there a recent job loss? If your parents’ income just dropped from $200k to $22k, are you sure they can still afford to pay $30k/year for college?

Generally, when there are recent job losses colleges expect parents will find another job, so they may not revisit the financial aid for 6-8 months to give parents time to find work. Private schools may be able to afford to work with families given the current situation but, unfortunately, OOS publics can’t.

Do you have any affordable options in MD?

You are OOS for Ohio. Don’t expect them to give you instate rates. Your family doesn’t pay taxes to support the colleges in Ohio. If you were a top candidate, you might have received one of tOSUs very generous merit awards…but you didn’t.

Stay in your own state if you want that lower cost.

OOS public schools need to be out of the equation, that salary drop is huge, your parents seem unlikely to be able to float 30K a yr. You need to sit down with your parents and get some numbers. You don’t have any other schools?

I am sorry for your family’s drop in income.

You were full pay at Ohio State when your parents were employed, and you will be full pay now. Ohio State didn’t give you merit, and they do not meet full need (and even schools that meet full need will likely struggle with students asking for reconsideration).

Do you have any affordable schools? Unfortunately, many are in the same situation as you.

I want to add…

Even if they do come up with a little extra money for you, it is doubtful that the school will be affordable.