Will Schools Delay Deposit Deadline for 2021?

Is there any chance some schools will delay the deposit deadline from May to June again like last year? With no in-person tours available and our inability to travel for nearly a year, D still has not seen any of her schools. It seems schools could potentially offer admitted student days in person in May if vaccinations continue to move along. Do you see any schools doing this?

I expect some will, while others won’t. You certainly can reach out to the admissions departments and ask what their plans are. The schools that delayed last year are the ones more likely to delay this year.

With that said, many schools are more prepared for uncertainty this year and are likely to make greater use of the waitlist, e.g., keep the May 1 deadline, waitlist X number of students (whatever their model says), and manage building their class that way.

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I agree that schools are more prepared to and would prefer to use their waitlists instead of delaying. I wish they would delay, though.

I hear you. Fundamentally, the schools that might delay will be the ones having a relatively more difficult time filling their classes. Last year, for example, a UCLA told a counselor group that there is no way they would extend the deadline, because they would over enroll.

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I don’t think schools will delay the deposit deadline. They are going to need time to deal with the unexpected (either too high or low a yield). If too low, then time to go to waitlist. If too high, then time to scramble for faculty and housing.

What happens if you deposit at one school but change your mind before May 1? Is the deposit generally refundable until May 1? Or, can you walk away from your deposit if you let a school know before May 1? Or, are you absolutely committed to attend a school once you deposit, even if you change your mind before the May 1 deadline?

What about for schools that have 2 non-refundable deposits - one in May, the second in June? What happens if you don’t make the second deposit?

I know that double depositing is out of the question, but I am wondering about these scenarios.

You need to ask each school what their policy is. You can change your mind anytime, you just might lose your deposit. Don’t double deposit anywhere (which I expect more students that normal will do this year)

Thank you. You said you can change your mind at any time. Is it considered double depositing if you let School 1 know that you will not attend (and you forfeit your deposit) before you deposit at School 2? I really do hope we won’t be in this situation, but I am wondering.

No that would not be double depositing. What you describe is the normal process when a student gets off a waitlist, for example. Double depositing is when a student has two (or more) deposits/confirmed spots at different colleges.

Thank you. That is good to know. It’s not as restrictive as I thought if you change your mind and are willing to lose your deposit.

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With only about 6+ weeks until May 1, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that D21 will likely need to choose a school without ever getting the chance to see it in person. :pensive:

I didn’t think it would come to this but we are in MA and I don’t see us getting vaccinated anytime soon. I’ve been in denial all of this time, thinking that we would get vaccinated and be able to do a marathon of visits. But, we are pretty much out of time since we will be the last to be vaccinated here, maybe by the summer. DH says to risk it and travel now but that feels crazy after spending a year being so careful not to get sick.

Very torn. I feel at a loss for how to make a decision this big under these circumstances. Any advice on how to proceed?

I can’t really give you advice but I can tell you what we are planning. We are in Mass too. My daughter has not been on many tours at all so if she is accepted to schools she has not seen yet we are going to travel. I would not travel at this time for a week at the beach but feel like this is a pretty big decision. I know many people who have traveled to high risk states during the pandemic, taken precautions, tested upon return, etc. Everyone has a very different risk tolerance with all of this. Good luck as I know this is not easy. I also recognize we will not be able to take tours but she would just like to walk around and see the campuses.

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