Will Stanford rescind me?


I was admitted to Stanford REA this past fall, and more recently got an email from the admissions office, expressing concern about the grades on my midyear transcript. I had received 2 Bs (one in a math class I’m receiving credit for through a local uni., the other an AP class).

For context, I applied to Stanford with the intention of studying English and Political Science (neither class lie in these fields, one being a multivariable calc. course, the other being a Spanish class. If it matters, Stanford mentioned in their admission letter that they expected good performance in my “area of study.”) Prior to my senior year, I had straight As excluding a B I’d received during my second semester of junior year in Calc BC.

I would like to say I’m doing fine now, but, unfortunately, I think I’m on track to getting a B/B+ for that same math class this semester. This would result in a second-semester senior year grade that is the same as my second-semester junior year grade; one B/B+, remaining As.

I’m honestly a little terrified, because I only applied to one other college that just waitlisted me (since I got into Stanford early), and am worried that I won’t really have anywhere to go if they actually end up rescinding me. Does anybody have any thoughts/recommended courses of action? I’m thinking of emailing them back and asking for clarification on what a “full recovery” would constitute, because I don’t think I can really do anything major atm grade-wise for the one class I’ll probably get a B in this deep in the semester.

Honestly, if they rescind your offer after 2 B’s in those classes which are not even in your field of study then I would not want to be going there anyway. I would try not to stress and assume it’s just a scare tactic but that is a pretty crappy thing to do.

I recall Columbia doing something like that to a girl at our school who was bombing AP CS but in her case she was getting a C and they told her she needed to get it up or she was being deferred to Spring admit. I think it worked out but I remember how upset she was when it happened.

Just hang in there.


Yes, get it cleared up so you are not stressing about it. Post back when you find out in case you need more advice!

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^^^This. Surprising too. I live and work in the “neighborhood” and I’ve never heard of something like it before.

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I would reply to clarify the specific expectations/requirements and risks.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of an issue with B grades. Very surprising.

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So much for grace in the setting of online school during a pandemic.

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Right? I just don’t get what some of these schools are doing or why they feel they need to do it.


They say they understand the stress these kids are under but then they pull this - really 2 B’s in Multivariate Calculus and AP Spanish - really… I know they aren’t sending the same letter to their recruited football players. Just leaves a bad impression to me.

You are very unlikely to be rescinded with two Bs, even for the full year. They just don’t want you to slide further.

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This happened to my D’s friend in 2018. Scare tactic. She was fine, nothing was rescinded and she’s currently a 3rd yr at Stanford.