Will this grade affect me too much??

<p>Okay, (I am a Junior BTW) so first half of the year I was in accelerated algebra2/trig and I had an average of 94. But my school started this new class, Intro to AP Calc, which is basically AP calc work. My estimated average will be around 83-86. This is all unweighted, but will this seriously affect me terrible when I apply to college??? I am hoping they disregard the grade and focus more on me taking an AP. My averages for all my other classes have increased, if that helps.</p>

<p>It won’t be terrible. Assuming your academics are otherwise stellar, its effect is minimal when it comes to college acceptances. It’s one grade in one class, and it’s a solid B. </p>

<p>Just get a better grade on your actual AP calc class next semester and don’t sweat it.</p>