will this hurt me?

In 8th grade I didnt care about school at all because it was my second year in 8th grade b/c at my school it is popular for kids to red-shirt a year for sports. So I didnt really do any work in or out of school, and to top this all off I was truant about 30 days without notes from parents or doctors(This couldve been b/c my mom was working out of town and would only come home on weekends.) So after my 8th grade year my Mom and my guidance counselor decided that I should be sent to a school called Youth Services(which technically was still a part of my school b/c i still was allowed to play sports) but I wasnt actually in my regular high school it was in a different school about 5 miles away with all the Class A screw-ups. So I went to that school and really started to realize how important my education was to me, and I got all A’s and B’s at “Youth Services” and I grew up and wasnt immature anymore. After my freshman year I was able to return back to my normal high school, and I haven’t revcieved lower than a B in any class mostly all A’s actually. I am now a rising senior and I was wondering if this would really impact/hurt me in the application process?

I think that, if anything, this will probably impress admissions committees. When they see a student who works their way up from an “alternative” school to getting good grades at a regular high school, that demonstrates maturity and growth. I’m also a rising senior, and I’d just recommend possibly using your experiences in the 8th and 9th grade as a possible essay topic. It would give you a chance to explain why you ended up at that school and to describe how that experience influenced your life.