Will UCR rescind my admission?

If I get 3 C’s in second semester of senior year in 3 of my Ap classes (bio, lit, calc ab) will UCR rescind my admission? First semester I had an A in AP lit, and 2 B’s in Bio and AB.

Read the conditions of admission and see if you meet them.

What does your provisional admission contract state? For previous years, UCR required a 3.0 weighted GPA with no D’s or F’s. If you are not sure, then contact UCR admissions.

Hi, I received a D for AP Stats but I’m on track to revive a C or higher second semester, it’s making me really nervous about my admission because I got accepted this March. How likely is it I will be recinded? I also read that if I complete and advanced math course it will validate the insufficient grade received previously. Is this true and will it validate the D?

Yes a C 2nd semester validates the D first semester. However you are obligated to notify UCR of the D preferably before final transcripts are due in July. Schools do not like surprises so be proactive.

What are the chances that I will get rescinded if I am validating first semester?

UCR will wait until you receive your 2nd semester grade before taking any action but let them know about the D first semester before final transcripts are due. Colleges do not like surprises and they also do not like to rescind an acceptance. Being proactive is key since you are working to get your up this semester.