Will UD(Delaware)still accept me after this? I'm scared they won't because I took a lighter courseload

okay so i’m a senior and i was getting stressed about my schedule so i changed it. i’m taking two regular classes and i have a feeling i’m gonna be rejected. i have never taken a regular core class before. i didn’t want to take calc or ap stats nor did i want to take a harder physics class. i struggled to get the 93 in precalc. my precalc teacher took it easy on us and i didn’t feel prepared AT ALL for AP Calc. i wanted to have more room for work and relaxation. i wanted two free periods for this reason. i even dropped my dual credit psych/soc class because i wanted a free period–also i heard that class was way too easy and dumbed down. i’ll just take it in college. i am an instate student but i have a feeling i’ll get rejected. i want to major in psych. i just needed a break from a lot of academic stress because of my mental health.

GPA: 93.5740 weighted(120/388)
honors british lit
honors world history
college prep physics(regular)
school psychology internship
marketing 3

junior year:
ap human geo
honors chemistry
honors pre calc
honors american history
honors american lit
honors spanish 3
marketing 2
psych/soc(regular elective)

honors physical science
honors world lit
honors algebra 2
honors econ
health science
drivers ed/gym
spanish 2

honors english
honors bio
honors geometry
honors geography/civics
human growth and development
spanish 1

ecs: internship, jv soccer freshman year, part time job at abercrombie(probably gonna find another job soon)

If you meet their requirements for entry, then you have no problem.

Obviously your GPA and SAT/ACT and the other stuff will matter, including your choice of major.

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Dude, you’re fine

i feel like i’m not. first i’m taking a regular class instead of honors. second i’m taking a lighter schedule

I think in state you are fine. Do you have scores to submit? If they would help I’d encourage you to do so and a solid essay.

No, but I’m gonna try and write a solid essay.

What is your UW gpa? Test scores count more than essays (unless a top school I honestly don’t how much weight essays have).

they’re test optional. i’m not even sure what my uw gpa is but i feel like it’s around a 3.3-3.4

Yes, I do know they are TO. My D22 applied without scores. However her strength is in her GPA, not her test scores. I was curious if your scores are as strong, or stronger than your GPA?

I know they are test optional (my daughter goes there and her siblings applied and got in). In the past, merit was based on scores, TO doesn’t mean good scores won’t help, especially if your GPA is lower than the freshman average.

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Their 25/75 split is 3.67 to 4.19 so you have to see how they weight. But if you don’t get in, it will be because of this, not your schedule.

Have a safety as well. Good luck.

My weighted GPA is around a 3.6-3.7 recalculated. Those GPAs are weighted i think

No, i got an 1140

They are - but you said your unweighted and all schools look differently. Even at the low end will be tough - but not impossible.

Your SAT is also below - can you take again - boosting will help. Or try the ACT. At your score, you’d likely go test optional.

You are scared they won’t accept you. Every college student should be afraid of that.

To me, Delaware is a reach for you. I hope you get in. But like anyone, you need to plan for if you don’t. What is your home state?

A school like a Salisbury or Christopher Newport or Mary Washington or Radford might be others you look at - so you’re not left out - but what state are you from, what are you studying - we can help find you some just in case backups.

I agree with trying the ACT. My son’s gpa was on the low end for the school he wanted to go to (TCNJ, UWGPA was 3.4, had 4 AP’s), so we got him a tutor to get his scores higher (all of my kids did better on the ACT than SAT). He applied ED and got in.

i’m in state

Let’s hope that’s a boost. You should see if Delaware is a part of any regional consortiums where you get discounts on other state schools.

If not, what is your major. Maybe we can suggest others.

What are your cost constraints? Are you open to community college ?

There’s tons of schools out there for you but I’m not sure if you have cust issues

I hope UD works out.