Will UF disclose how many apps came in by the 11/1 deadline?

Very curious to see if there was a decline because of FLBOG not agreeing to test optional. @Melissa96 Do you think we will have to wait until February to get this info?

They might after deadline day but not always.

@flprepaidmom We don’t usually but this is such a weird year you never know.

I know you all were interested in application numbers


Thank you Melissa96

UF releases an official class profile during the summer on their Admissions Blog but does not make a distinction between regular vs. space-available admissions (after the deadline.)

UF '24: https://admissions.ufl.edu/blog/2020/05/11/welcome-uf24.html

Considering these numbers, I’m kinda shocked that we are the only state university system that hasn’t gone test optional. I assume it has got to be because of bright futures needing test scores. I can’t imagine this will help UF in their quest to become a top 5 public university. That being said, it works out well for my D that is applying for fall and got her SAT score early.

@flprepaidmom You called it. I also think the timing is interesting. They know that a huge percentage come during the last week, so I think this is a pre-emptive move to encourage applications and also modulate expectations.

@GatorDad305 I know so many kids in New England that don’t have scores and aren’t even trying to test anymore. My friend in Maine said there is no testing now. I also read that 60% of Florida HS seniors don’t have scores. Should be an interesting year.

My daughter just told me that UF moved their deadline to 11/16.

@nanosec Yep, my daughter received an email and attended an Admissions session today where she was notified of the new application deadline.