Will you get a refund if your campus closes?

"… The University of North Carolina Wilmington, as an exception, has a different cost structure for online, hybrid and in-person classes. Still, it announced that students won’t receive a tuition refund if in-person classes move online this fall. And, after the pivot from it’s sister school at Chapel Hill, it told students to prepare for a similar transition if cases rise.

That leaves freshman Owen Palmer weighing the possibility that the education he is paying for may not be the one he gets. ‘I’m taking a risk because (the university) mentioned they can’t do refunds,’ says Palmer. For him, the risk is worth it, but he does wonder what he’ll do if the campus has to close.

Here’s what he and other students can expect as the fall shapes up." …


All public schools, and most private ones, aren’t in positions, financially, to give refunds. For most of them, the single most important reason why they offer in-person classes in the first place is financial.