William and Mary Cypher

Hi all! Hope your application process has been going well! Has anyone received a W & M Cypher, when, and what are your stats?

Yes. 34 ACT; 4.38 weighted

My D received Cypher Postcard yesterday, 35 ACT, 1560 SAT, 6.029 Weighted GPA, 4.0 Unweighted, Out of State

My son received a cypher Friday 2/21

1430 SAT Out of State GPA 4.78

I got one last Friday. 1580 SAT, 3.65 UW 4.13W GPA.

My s received one, instate 4.0 uw 4.6-4.7 ish w 750 math 750 reading. So excited to visit the school. I’ve heard amazing things about William and Mary.


What did the cypher say? I think I got one but I ripped it up and threw it away lmaooo and don’t remember what it said, but I got it after I applied.