William And Mary Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

William & Mary offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is November 1.

The Early Decision 2 (ED2) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is January 1.


All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by mid-December. All ED2 applications should receive an admissions decision by April 1. Last year, William And Mary admitted 571 of the 1,160 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 49.22%.

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Are you planning to apply early to William & Mary? Why William And Mary? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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ED I application to W&M submitted last night. Am I in good company? Any predictions on when admission letters will be issued? Website says “Early December”…

My son is also applying ED 1. Planning on getting it submitted at some point this week. It looks like last year decisions were released on December 7. Good luck. Hope you and my son will be classmates next August. :crossed_fingers:


D applied ED1 on October 15. She is already counting the days until December!!! Good luck all.


I have two daughters at W&M who both applied ED, so we put together this list:

William & Mary ED1 Release Dates

2020 - Monday, Dec. 7
2019 - Friday, Dec. 6
2018 - Friday, Dec. 7
2017 - Thursday, Dec. 7
2016 - Friday, Dec. 2
2015 - Friday, Dec. 4
2014 - Friday, Dec. 5
2013 - Friday, Dec. 6
2012 - Friday, Nov. 30
2011 - Wednesday, Nov. 30
2010 - Wednesday, Dec. 1

Very best wishes to all of you! My freshman and junior both love W&M!:lion::eagle:


Did they apply in-state or oos?

Hopefully it will be Friday Dec 3!!


We are out of state. We were lucky to get to visit multiple times, though, so they were both very sure W&M was their first choice.

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I’ll chime in also to send good wishes for all of you! This time last year my D was nervously putting the finishing touches on her ED application to W&M (OOS). Now she is a happy freshman and feels very much at home. She’s working her tail off, but has never regretted her decision. Profs/classes range from very good to excellent. Although she’s a little reserved and shy at first, she quickly met a great group of friends within her close-knit dorm and has never lacked for company and camaraderie.

Wishing all of you the best! I’m hardly the expert about William & Mary, but feel free to ask any questions.


Thank you for chiming in! W&M is my OOS son’s dream school. He believes he can find his people there, history-loving intellectuals. I think being a male is to his advantage, but he is exactly at the 50% range of test scores, so I guess his chances are 50/50!? His dad is hesitant to pay for any OOS school - EXCEPT for W&M since it seems like such a good fit for him.

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ED1 is done, and D has in state options submitted, but none have excited her like W&M. Looking to expand our horizons “just in case”… She is in the 65% bracket for scores/grades but we are from Pennsylvania and I think that is a negative. When we visited and the admissions rep asked where people were from, D22 said Pennsylvania! The AO said oh! we seem to get a lot from PA… Rats! Wondering for those who find W&M to be a perfect fit, what other schools have you found that are similar or close in vibe? From what we have seen, W&M is a unicorn-nothing else like it and it really fits D22s personality, so if it doesn’t pan out, where does she turn?


@OneTribe1693 does W&M announce ED application numbers prior to releasing acceptances? I noted some schools announce their ED/EA rates 4-6 weeks after the deadline. (see UGA announcement on November 1st: 2022 EA Application Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Priceless list! Thanks 3SailAway!

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D19 was admitted to the honors college at W&M and we are from PA. It’s such a beautiful school and it was hard to say no. But when Pitt came up with a merit scholarship too good to pass up we had to say no to the $65K full pay ticket price. We actually met with the folks at W&M who admitted that they have no merit money for OOS students. The affordable price for VA residents is amazing! Fast forward to now and in hindsight it was the best decision ever as he’s a pre-med and we took for granted the amazing opportunities within walking distance at Pitt. He was our first child out the door so it was very easy to get attached to schools for a variety of reasons… such as they really wanted you, the amazing campus. We learned so much from this experience and D22 only applied to schools that offer merit and she’s received 2 amazing offers now so far. There are so many options in PA if you are looking for merit.


I mean my S19 :slight_smile:

Just looking for a great fit! Wm & Mary seem to have a Goldilocks thing- Not too big, not too small. Serious students but not an over the top stress culture. Quirky but not too nerdy… Parties but not over the top. Just right!


You’re welcome, and best of luck!:four_leaf_clover:


Medium sized, 65% OOS, a social life, but not a crazy one.

Depending on Major, try:

Case Western
U Rochester
Wake Forest (which is a close match, but will be more Southern Greek focused)

LACs: all larger in size and strong fine arts. Someone else can tell you about a school for sports kids:

I’m in state. There is a lot of overlap/ cross applications w/WM and Pitt, Oberlin, Kenyon, Grinnell, St. Olaf, Macalactar (all have merit aid), Vassar, Bowdoin, Bates, Richmond, CWRU and Rochester.

Thank you! She has been accepted at Pitt, and applied EA to Richmond, so it sounds like we are on the right path. Still praying for good news from Wm and Mary in December!!

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