William & Mary Deferral Class of 2026

I applied for ED this year and I sadly got deferred. I was somewhat expecting it as my freshman year grades weren’t the strongest but since then it’s been strong. SAT was also in range, strong EC’s, and great essays. Also, I’m OOS so probably didn’t help. If anyone has any advice or is on the same boat, let me know!

Hey Heinzavacado! (cool name btw) I’m sorry to hear about the deferment. I’d encourage you to remember that if W&M ends up not accepting you, its ultimately their loss and that there WILL be a fantastic school out there who is going to be happy to have you join them. :slight_smile:


Remember that the SAT range includes everyone, IS and OOS. Given that the OOS/International pool is more competitive, you typically want to be on the upper end of that range. And grades and rank or approximate rank are also factors.

Be sure to reach out to your regional admission counselor and let them know you’re still interested and any updates. And you may end up going somewhere else and loving it just as much, if not more! The same thing happened to me when I applied to colleges and it was actually a blessing in disguise (after lots of crying).