William & Mary Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

We are 7 time zones away and currently traveling- hard to get internet access. Eek!

Y’all I’m gonna cry I just wanna know already

I got in!!




I got waitlisted. Weird. I got in to UVA and Cornell, but was only really excited about W&M. College admissions are so wack.

that’s so weird. I got waitlisted from UVA but got in here

ha!! I though I saw you on Cornell page. My kid got into W&M and Cornell…are you waiting on others?

I only applied to the three. Only wanted to go to W&M. I applied to Cornell as a joke and to UVA so all my eggs wouldn’t be in one basket. Cornell is too expensive for me.

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Formally Accepted; I got the likely letter a few weeks ago.

I got a likely letter here, yet was straight up rejected from UVA. Wierd

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I’m between W&M and udelaware now. UD is closer to home and a lot cheaper but W&M would be great

Makes no sense. I visited, made friends with two profs, had a 4.0 second semester, got into an Ivy, got letters from two very notable alumni, and met Monica in person. Sh*t’s weird. I accidentally submitted a half written essay to UVA and my application was 3 days late. Maybe they thought the stop mid sentence was avant-garde lmao.

Do any of you know when waitlist results will be released for c/o 2026?

Congrats on Cornell! What school were you admitted to there?

ILR which is a little easier to get into than CAS. If you don’t count the transfer options students (those guaranteed admission on re-application after a year at another school), the acceptance rate was like 7 or 8 percent. CAS is like 5 percent if you look at the (not the College Vine bs) data. It’s really really expensive though. Point is I still don’t understand how I got in there but not W&M.

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Acceptance has been in 2025’s gmail since Saturday. Just now noticing! W&M bound! Best wishes to all, where ever you go.