William & Mary Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Hello everyone, I did not see a transfer thread for the Fall 2022 semester, so I thought I’d start one up. My stats are down below.

Transfering As: Junior
Current College: Large State University Honors College
College GPA: 3.98
College Major: Political Science
Credits Earned: 46
Credits In Progress: 16
High School GPA: 4.08 UW (HS Doesn’t Rank or Weight GPA)
SAT/ACT: 32 ACT Superscored/Did Not Take SAT

College ECs:

  • Vice President of Human Rights Club
  • Chairman of Alexander Hamilton Society (Basically a Debate Club)
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant For Fall 2021 Semester
  • Member of Tae Kwon Do Club (Currently a 1st Degree Black Belt)
  • 2 Internships at Major NGO Organizations (Summer 2020 and Summer 2021)

Other ECs:

  • Started a non-profit organization in 2018 to raise Autism-awareness. Raised about $5,000 and also worked with a member of congress to help draft (and eventually pass) a bill related to Autism research.


  • Dean’s List All 3 Semesters at Current School
  • Member of Honors College at my Current Institution
  • National Honor Society (High School)
  • National Merit Scholar - Commended (High School)
  • Won the Highest Leadership Award Given to a Graduating Senior at my High School.

Best of Luck to All of You!

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I just wanted to start a thread for anyone who might be applying to W&M as a transfer for Fall 2022. I think it would be a good place to share stats and see who gets in. I’ll go first with the stats!

College GPA: 3.83 in 19 credit hours first semester, but I am holding higher GPA this semester

College: JMU, freshman

I’m in state

My high school transcript is not impressive, but not bad. A’s, B’s and no C’s, not a ton of AP’s.

My HS extracurriculars are interesting. I was a visual marketing guy at a small business for a year, I have my own photography business, I was the sports photog at my high school, I founded a bike racing team in my home town, I have been the official photog for a local womens’ march, I was a TA for photography in high school, I have won state titles in cycling, my marketing efforts have been recognized by the owner of Specialized Bicycles, and I will be submitting a photography portfolio.

My college extracurrics are being a yearbook photog and a member of the photog club where I led a workshop.

My essays… felt like mine were meh, but they demonstrated quirk and interest, two things that W&M apparently likes. I’ll give them a 6/10 for a writing and an 8/10 for actually seeming like I care about W&M

I will be getting letters of rec from professors and a former employer of mine who went to W&M. I’m also friends with an attorney who went to W&M and she might write a letter. I’ve also emailed back and forth a bit with a prof who has been super interesting to chat with.

Good luck to everyone! I hope we can make this chat a community!

Best of luck to all! The website says May 1, I believe, is the announcement date. Do they send the cypher postcard out a few weeks ahead of time like they do for HS applicants? I know sophomore transfers are guaranteed housing but unsure of the time frame to get deposits in, etc.

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Hey gang, I am so nervous and excited for decisions!


Cypher cards came out. Check snail mail!


Did you get one? I’m at college rn so i could ask my parents to check I’m out of state tho so maybe it would take longer

I also received a Cypher Card in the mail yesterday, I’m from Central CT.


what did it say

Any idea when decisions come out?

May 1st

That’s a Sunday though

It must come out tomorrow no?

Yeah, I am expecting tomorrow. Doesn’t seem likely to release on a weekend.

I don’t know. Monica told me May 1 the last time I was there. It will probably be early though.

Nobody has gotten word yet? The cypher card was a relief, but something official will be much anticipated!

Maybe around 5 est. If not, then we’ll just have to wait the weekend. Not a long wait left!

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If it’s not today it has to be by Sunday right? Would they really release decisions on a weekend

Monica told me tomorrow afternoon and if not Sunday!

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Maybe they’re waiting on the 2026 class to finalize decisions. If they end up with a different yield than anticipated for the freshmen, it could influence how many transfers they can take. I’ve read there was a semi shortage of beds this year.

Well, I’d say if nothing by 5 pm, sounds like tomorrow! Nearly there :slight_smile:

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