William & Mary financial aid for OOS

My DS22 is interested in W&M, but when I’ve run the net price calculator, it gives us an extremely high family contribution compared to most of the other schools we’re considering. I was under the impression that W&M met 100% of demonstrated need, albeit some with loans? Or does this policy only apply to in-state students? If so, we will have to write this one off the list, as the net price is over $40K per year and that is way beyond our means. I guess the only other option might be merit-based, but I’m guessing Merit is tough to get at W&M?

That’s in state. Out of state is up to 25% but unlikely. If you are a Monroe scholar they meet need…their definition not yours.

The 1693 will cover I state costs and room/board. And is very difficult.

In short, it’s likely very expensive OOS.

Two suggestions - W&L meets need. It’s a bit smaller. Miami of Ohio has strong merit, can get to your price point, and while not to the elite level of W&M, the campus feel is similar. Good luck.


As @tsbna44 said, the max support for OOS students is 25% of COA.

The 1693 would leave you with the $23K difference between in-state & oos tuition- but it is a multi-stage process, and you have to be invited to apply. Admissions vets all W&L applicants for the pre-reqs (top 1% of class, SAT/ACT cutoffs, evidence of community involvement/leadership), and then invites ~75 students to apply. The application requires both a written & video essay. From those they choose 25 to invite to campus for a weekend, to give a presentation on what they would do as a 1693 scholar and for interviews. Five of those are made scholars.


I believe it is 8 scholars now, or it was when mine did it. But if you aren’t one of those 8 and wind up first alternate - your merit aid is $0. (That was my S) we were told he could be a Monroe scholar and live in a nicer dorm and get a $3000 research stipend. Yay. (Sarcasm) VA public schools are very stingy with merit aid.

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Lol dating myself! thanks for the update, @ClassicMom98 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clarifying. Looks like W&M is off the list since I doubt he would receive 1693. I’ve tried to suggest W&L and the Johnson Scholarship, but he feels very strongly about the name- he just can’t get past the “Lee” in the name of the school so I guess I will have to respect that. We will take a look at Miami of Ohio, thanks for the suggestions!


W&L meets need forgetting the Johnson Scholarship whereas W&M doesn’t. I think he needs to read up on what they are doing. In the end you seek aid.don’t know if you’d qualify…your need is not necessarily what the school labels as need.

You might look at Western Carolina or UTCfor other low cost options.

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U of Richmond also meets full need, if that would make it affordable for your family - run their net price calculator and see.

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