William & Mary Transfer Fall 2021

Hey! I noticed there wasn’t a W&M transfer thread for this fall so I decided to create one. Hope everyone’s app went well :slight_smile:


hey everyone! I’m a freshman at a big 10 school and I’m actually staying in Williamsburg to visit W&M right now! It exceeded my expectations and I am anxious to hear back. There truly is no other school I’ve visited that I can compare it to- it seems like such a special place.

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Anyone heard back yet? However I did just talk with admissions asking an unrelated question and I got the vibe they haven’t started going thru transfer apps yet

Have they really not started? I know I will get my financial aid letter on April 26th but I don’t know if that means anything

I haven’t heard. I think we will have to wait a bit

If you go to the W & M admissions twitter it shows last year they released decisions in late April

Last year they released April 28th, which was a Tuesday, so we may be hearing back sometime the last week of April.

Hi all, I am also applying as a transfer student for the Fall 2021 Semester. I will include some information below to help you all out.

Current University: Arizona State University - Barrett Honors College
Current College GPA: 4.02 (Capped at 4)
Current Year: Freshmen (Transferring as a Sophomore)
Race: Hispanic
ACT: 31
Current Major: Political Science
HS GPA: Can’t remember but pretty poor, somewhere around average unweighted.

Has anyone gotten a likely letter yet?

what is a likely letter?

It’s a post card stating that you will be admitted and it comes a few weeks before decisions come out.

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Nothing yet, have you received a letter?


are they sending out likely letters this year?

Yes. I got a postcard yesterday.

What did the postcard say?

did they email you too?

“The cypher that appears on the front of this postcard is modeled after what was used by King William III and Queen Mary II of England, and it signifies the university that bears their names.

The word cypher can mean either a fancy set of initials or a secret message in code, but we don’t intend for this postcard to be the latter. So let us be direct-we anticipate sending you good news this spring.

As a member of the admission committee who personally reviewed your application, I am sending you this cypher to congratulate you on an impressive record of accomplishments, something we hope to see you continue at William and Mary.”

The bottom of the postcard had two short handwritten notes.

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No email yet

Congrats! that’s great, i guess they’ll email soon too