William & Mary transfer Spring 2022

Hey guys, I didn’t find any thread discussing the William&Mary 2022 spring transfer so I decided to create one. Maybe we can share our status and results here. Finger crossed!!!


Hey, I also applied for spring transfer. I was told they’re planning on releasing them on the 10th or the 11th(sometime around then) so we should be hearing back soon!

My stats are:
GPA: 3.8
College: Originally at Carleton College(in Minnesota) but have been on medical leave since spring 2019, and this fall enrolled at my local community college because I was finally well enough to return to school.

Extracurriculars: Was an EMT in high school, play Tuba in a number of bands, work at Starbucks part-time, had a weekly radio show while at Carleton, tutor part-time.

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Hey, 2022 prospective transfer here! Would love to hear if you got in or not for spring! I have a similar GPA. I hope you got in, you certainly had the stats for it.