William & Mary Waitlist 2026

If I were to guess, the very small handful of offers would start to occur next week, but again, you’re talking maybe 5% max coming off the waitlist based on past W&M trends.

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Any updates?

Have not received any email or phone call, yet.

Nothing yet. Called and asked but they are saying there is no timeline.




Nothing so far!

They are over-enrolled. Sorry but you’re waiting for nothing. It’s not happening.

How do you know? Did you get that information directly from them.
I don’t think there is any harms in being hopeful.

WM does things differently than most schools.

Everyone on the WL has the right to take a semester of CC classes or Verturo Travel and start in the spring. So, if some kids chose that path, it wasn’t WM “going to the WL”. The option was given in the initial WL letter.

It makes sense. WM has a large #of kids study abroad spring of junior year, which creates excess spring capacity.

It’s like the rest of WM’s admission philosophy (emphasis on demonstrated interest, ED being a huge help)— they really want kids who want them

Verto and any junior/community college

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We called they said that for this month they are not going to review the waitlist. Has anybody else heard anything different, please advise. My daughter really wants to go to W and M and we have shown all kinds of demonstrated interest but not sure what to do now.

If you called and that’s what you heard, then there’s nothing more to do. Hopefully all your eggs aren’t in this basket and your daughter has committed elsewhere. Buy some school swag and start getting motivated for that school. If you come off the W&M waitlist later, then great.

Yes of course we have committed to another school and are moving forward with it. Was just hoping to get in. Thank you!

Any update?