William & Mary Waitlist 2026

Anybody heard back from W&M waitlist

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Not yet

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Admission officer said they wouldn’t review WL until late April or early May.

Any updates re timing??

Nothing so far.

W&M has a guaranteed pathway for waitlisted students, right? Verto and Richard Bland. Anyone tried it?

Is the waitlist rolling or in batches or all at once? And how will we find out? Email, call?

They said they will call and email
Both. Not sure about rolling or in batches.
Hoping to hear something back from them coming Week.

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I just noticed they added a waitlist tab and removed the button to withdraw application

Yes same here. Do you what that means?

Wish I did! Hopefully we get some information soon

Did anyone else get an email this afternoon asking if they still want to stay on the waitlist? Assuming everyone got this but just double checking to see if there’s anything to read into it …

I didn’t get that email, but I’ve been keeping in touch with my regional counselor so they know I want to remain on the waitlist…so maybe that’s why?

i got that email as well and i was wondering if it was sent to all… hoping we will all hear good news this week

Did you tell them before this email that you wanted to remain on the waitlist?

yes i had previously sent a continued interest letter as well as filled out a form signifying i wished to remain on the list

Yes we got an email yesterday and we also had confirmed before and sent in letter of interest as well. Hoping for some good news. Not sure when they will release the information. Any idea.

Not to burst bubbles but this email means nothing. Maybe 50-100 people will come off the waitlist so likely need to move forward with other options.

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Hopefully they tell us soon

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Hi just checking to see if anybody heard back so far from the waitlist. Any idea when they will release the results.