Williams Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Williams College offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Fall 2022 admission Early Decision (ED) deadline for Williams is November 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Williams admitted 257 of the 689 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 37.3%.

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Are there no supplemental essays for Williams for 2022-23 applications?

How important is submitting an Academic paper? Is it really optional?

I think the academic paper option is just an option along with the essay questions on story time and tutorials.

I heard there are no essay prompts this time around.

Got it, in any case, I think its best submit a writing sample from a class, something that was really interesting to you.

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Hi - guess I could have also posted here but it didn’t seem like an actual applicant thread yet.

At any rate, D22 submitted her ED app (with writing supplement and performing arts supplement for technical theatre) for class of 2026.

We expected the decision around Dec 15 because that’s on their calendar but heard from college counselor yesterday that decisions are coming out Dec 10 at 5 pm. Anyone else hear that?

Good luck to all applying!


I have not heard this officially from WC but this seems to be the right time frame based on past trends/history as reported on this and other sites. So nervous and excited for my son. Good luck!

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Anybody received additional financial aid documents request?

Are these requests for documents that were not required initially? I’ve seen people mention these requests but they seem to have been asked for documents that were required along with fafsa and CSS profile like tax returns etc.

Wondering if there are any 2021 WOW participants/families here applying ED for Fall 2022 to connect with/share admission decisions as the time draws nearer. Good luck to all!

Apparently, the only financial aid document that was asked initially was the CSS (for international students). Later on, additional financial aid documents were requested as per the need.

Ah. There was a request to submit documents through IDoc (perhaps this was just for domestic students?) and that included tax returns and other related documents in accordance with what the various schools required (based upon CSS profile).

Yeah, this is true for domestic students. But, for international students, apparently only a few students get the additional requests. Not entirely sure tho!

My child didn’t do WOW. We were not aware of the program until after the deadline. Also applied ED. Do you think WOW participants have a higher chance of acceptance? Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Good luck

I applied ED too! Thought the decision would come out the 15th so when I saw your comment I got really excited. With some digging, I found this website which suggests there’s an accepted students mtg on the 15th of dec (which probably means decisions come out before then?)


That would make sense to me - they could possibly do it RIGHT before that, I suppose? We still haven’t seen any reference to that date of 12/10, but the college guidance counselor at my daughter’s private school seems quite certain of it? Also seems to line up with last year’s timing?

I’m not sure - I have to drive to retrieve my other daughter from college on the 11th (Davidson ‘24) so I really need to make plans, but I’m not doing anything just yet!

I don’t know that the chances are “higher” per se. Strong students that meet with the college is looking for will be accepted regardless. It’s such a crap shoot for some kids. Students who attend WOW have already been “vetted” to some degree-we were told that they were chosen from over 1500 applicants and I think the program takes around 200 (not positive on that number though) and while at the program they are told they have a “really good chance” of admission if they apply. Waiting with baited breath but manifesting through thoughts and actions! Good luck!

This site is listing 12/8 as decision day. One week! Wonder how accurate this is.