Williams Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applying to Williams in 2022? The Fall 2022 deadline is coming up on Jan 10th. Decisions will be released by April 1st, but last year, they came out on March 25th.

This is a space for the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

Yes, my son applied RD on 12/31/2021 as a Hail Mary,
since he just couldn’t pull the ED trigger (as athletic recruit).

No one gets accepted to Williams from his high school, so we’re not holding our breath, especially w/out a coach’s support.

His optional paper was not stellar (especially as a STEM kid), but what are you going to do?

Good luck everyone.

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good luck to your son!

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Good luck, you never know with the holistic review, did your son submit test scores?

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Yes, my son submitted his ACT 36 superscore.
Williams is SO great for math, which is what my son wants to major.

Son didn’t get accepted to WOW (Windows on Williams), so that doesn’t help.

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FWIW, my D didn’t get into WoW a few years ago and did get in RD. Good luck!


RD applicant from Texas here.

My DD also had trouble getting a paper together. So many writing assignments during the pandemic were timed writing. Not many research papers! Anyone else encounter this issue?

My DD is also interested in math. Thanks for the insight on that and good luck to both our kids!

any word on when RD announcements will be?

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I saw 3/25 on College Kickstart. Not sure how reliable that is. Williams seems to have an invited students day planned 4/11, so if they stuck w/ the initial 4/1 for decision, that would seem like a very short planning time! We’ll see…

They released last year on Thursday March 25th.

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I have not heard of any early writes yet. Anyone got one?

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My daughter is in the RD pool after being deferred. She originally sent test scores (1580 SAT), a writing sample (English essay on Disability Literature), two reccs (Advisor/Comp Sci director and History teacher), and a technical theatre supplement. She’s a STEM focus with possible majors in Comp Sci or Chem so after deferral she strengthened her application with an additional recc from Chem AP teacher, a scientific abstract paper along w/a Letter of Continued Interest.

Her heart is still with Williams as her top choice. (Other top student from her school was denied in ED pool.) So we’re hoping things work out in her favor in RD.

Anxiously awaiting March 24-April 1 for decisions. (Really hoping they follow the Thursday model from last year bc we have an event on Fri!)

Good luck to everyone who applied!


Wow, she sounds strong! I would think the tech theatre would be something to attract Williams. They have a strong theatre program, and everyone needs good tech theatre people! My D22 is an actor and submitted a supplement. She has 1560SAT, NMF, 5s on APs, high GPA & very advanced math from STEM magnet, national speaking award, state/regional violin, regional acting, music composition & science awards. Interested in theatre, math and music – a real liberal arts kid. She updated about 10 days ago w/ some of the awards that were recent. Hope it was not too late. Maybe they can work on a show together! Let’s hope…


The top of the page says Friday, March 18th in the evening! So, pretty soon thankfully!


Thanks. Same date as Swarthmore.

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Ooooh, thank you for that!

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Thank you!

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I was actually looking through the 2025 RD thread and saw someone mention the website, and I clicked on it and saw they were coming out Friday! Definitely confused me for a second but now I am just more anxious because I have a couple decisions coming out this weekend!