Williams Fall Semester in the age of Covid

I’m happy to read this.


The new edition of The Williams Record has an interesting article, “Three positive cases represent first test of College’s isolation procedures” https://williamsrecord.com/2020/09/three-positive-cases-represent-first-test-of-colleges-isolation-procedures/

Yes, but seems like the impact has been isolated. Also, the total number on campus turned out to be lower than expected, roughly 1400 vs the planned for 1700. This means they may have over planned resources, but that’s a good position to be in, weather has cooperated with students hanging out around campus.

Kudos to the college staff for doing a great job with testing and management of the COVID environment to date. Only 4 cases as of today. Mountain Day celebrations continued without a hitch. Students are doing well and appreciate all the work the college has put into making the school year as normal as can be.