Windows 10

Have you upgraded to Windows 10? What can you tell me about it?

Thanks in advance.

I’m waiting…it’s a free upgrade until next summer.
I have started reading some reviews, and most are positive. Many of the problems/things people really didn’t like in W8 have been removed/improved; some of the things that were removed in W8 (like the Start menu) are back.

I just did. The user interface is definitely much better than Windows 8 which I despised. However, to be honest, it feels a little sluggish to me. If you have specific questions, I am happy to try to answer them.

I upgraded to Windows 10. So far no problems. It’s an improvement over 8.1.

We have Windows 7. Any reason to move to Windows 10?

We’re upgraded. I really can’t see much difference from 8 since our son set up 8 to be like Windows 7, once you get past the tiles. He beta tested 10 for almost a year and liked it.

I’ve upgraded. I’m happy with the upgrade but there are enough differences & gotchas that I wouldn’t recommend an early upgrade for a computer novice. There are 3rd party programs that wouldn’t work without some fiddling with computer settings or uninstall/reinstall. I’ve experienced sporadic computer crashes that I never had before. I tend to take these things in stride because I kind of like fiddling with the computer anyway… but the point is that Microsoft still has a few kinks and bugs to work out.

If you are comfortable with that sort of thing and if you have a touchscreen computer… then go ahead. Overall I think its an improved platform and interface. I am so, so, so glad that I don’t have that annoying “metro” screen any more!

I’m going to upgrade my Win8 Surface in a couple of months… Not touching my Win7 machine with molecular modeling etc. $$$$ software because I’m 100% positive it will not be compatible with the new OS.

Glad they went back to the Windows 7 layout because the Windows 8 smartphone-esque screen is what prevented me from upgrading then.

Why does Microsoft insist on breaking good products and replacing them with crap? 98 was good (for its time), then they had to go and invent 2000/ME. Along comes the workhorse XP, then they go and invent Vista. Along comes 7, which was IMO the best they’ve ever done, then they have to go and invent 8. So if the pattern holds, 10 should be good. I’m never an early adopter though; I’ll wait till the kinks are worked out.

Honestly, I still miss XP. I never had a computer with 7 though. I went from Vista (not great) to a new computer with 8 (awful). So 10 is better!

Yeah, I mourned the death of XP, and clung to it long enough to avoid Vista altogether. But 7 was even better.

Agree, Win7 is very nice.

We bought our new PC a couple years ago and it came with 8. Oh,mit was just awful. DH was able to work with it enough to sort of make it work like 7. He has worked on 10, and really likes it. Since reading this, I think we should wait a little for the kinks to work out before switching on our home.

With the exception of a couple of bugs earlier in the process, I enjoyed beta testing Windows 10 for the last several months on a spare notebook. Worked so smoothly it became my main go to laptop 4 months ago.

It is sluggish in places, but seems to be remaining bugs which need to be ironed out.

So far so good on Windows 10 for me. I still prefer the visual style of Windows 7, but I like some of the new Windows 10 features, including the fact that it seems to be more efficient than 7 (less memory usage, more responsive).

What I don’t like is having both a settings menu AND control panel. I honestly prefer the control panel, but know that “settings” is the new thing, so the control panel will probably go away in time. Hopefully they will improve it in future patches.

Overall though, not a bad upgrade.

I just upgraded and lost my touchscreen capabilities on my new Delta laptop. :frowning: Not very techy so I need to figure out what to do.

Window 10 is very good. The only problem with the new Window, I have to reregister my online account otherwise I get logged out. Currently on the phone because I forgot the answer to one of the questions.

What is the catch with the free upgrade from windows 7?

No catch so far. I think the catch is that Microsoft worries people will buy the Mac as the next computer.