withdraw from college

<p>I make the most biggest mistake ever to come to William and Mary. The worst school ever! As an international student, I see no reason for paying so much for this kind of education! It is complete waste of my parents' money. I want to withdraw from college. Can I reapply for other schools after I withdraw?</p>

<p>Yes, you are able to transfer to another school where you will be happier.</p>

<p>What is it that you are so unhappy about at William and Mary? Is it the academics and/or social atmosphere? I am assuming you have only been at W&M for approx. two months. I would highly recommend speaking to an adviser at the school or maybe another international student or student adviser. I understand you want to transfer but it may be best to stick it out for the year and transfer your credits to another school next Fall.</p>

<p>You've started a few threads in the Bryn Mawr forum, expressing regret about giving up an acceptance there and choosing W&M instead. You certainly should transfer out of any school where you're profoundly unhappy. You say
I feel like the classes here are too hard that I can't get good grades.

I see a few problems with this line of thinking. Bryn Mawr, like W&M, has a reputation for an intense workload and little, if any, grade inflation. So you may be idealizing a school that is probably as difficult academically as W&M. When you say that your classes at W&M are too hard, it's tougher to accept your statements that it's the worst school ever and a waste of your parents' money. It sounds as if you are unhappy socially at W&M and feel over your head academically.</p>

<p>You'll make better decisions and have more success transferring if you stop blaming the school for your unhappiness. I suggest making an appointment at the counseling center - they hear this story every year and will be able to give you some encouragement and resources for either pursuing a transfer or toughing it out. You might also make an appointment at the Dean of Students' office for support or information on withdrawing. William</a> & Mary -*Withdrawal Information Good luck.</p>

<p>the first thing that popped into my head when I read "worst school ever" was "I can't hack it academically" so it seems my first thoughts were accurate.</p>

<p>That said, if W&M admitted you, then you can do the work. Some classes might be really difficult, and you might even get a few C's, but that is hardly the end of the world. However, obviously if you hate it at a school, then you should go elsewhere. There is no point to being miserable for 4 years of your life, regardless of the reasons.</p>