Withdrawel from a history elective during senior year - bad news?

<p>My S wants to withdraw from one of his electives (it's a history class, but not needed for graduation). I'm assuming that colleges will see this when they get his first semester grades. How bad does this look?</p>

<p>RTR: is this his only social studies class for senior year or is this an extra? some schools still want to see the four years of the five major subjects.....</p>

<p>If it's an extra, nbd.....</p>

<p>I think it may be his only social studies for the semester (it's a half year course). He's not taking any social studies next semester...the subject is not required for four years at our school, except that seniors must take an American Government elective which my son took as a sophomore, so he doubled up that year. And I just noticed I spelled withdrawal wrong up there...ugh!!</p>

<p>Actually then, I would check with one of the schools he has already been admitted to....</p>

<p>Perhaps the reason matters. One of my children dropped an elective class and added another. He had already listed that he was taking the dropped class on the commonapp, but he dropped within the first week (about) of school. He did send a letter to each of the schools he applied to and explained why he dropped the initial class (his teacher left abruptly and this class was a continuing class that he had the year before. He just did not want to continue this class with another teacher). It did not seem to matter because he was accepted to most of the schools that he applied to and he was offered merit awards at many of those schools.</p>

<p>I don't mean to hijack this thread, but perhaps posters might weigh in on this question: would colleges change their decision about an admitted a student if s/he dropped a course that s/he had listed on their application? (assuming that the dropped course did not affect the hs graduation or college's admission requirements) Thx</p>