Withdrawing From UC Berkeley and returning to UC Riverside - transfer student

Hello guys!

This past year, I decided to transfer from UC Riverside to UC Berkeley for Fall 2021 as an undergraduate student. I was studying Business Administration at UC Riverside but I will be studying Economics at UC Berkeley as a junior transfer.

Upon committing to UC Berkeley, moving in to my apartment in August 2021, & beginning my classes, I find that I don’t really like it at UC Berkeley and I miss my time at UC Riverside. I’ve been really sad here & considering potentially moving back to UCR since they gave me the option to go back and attend UCR since I haven’t withdrawn from there yet. I have already spoken with both schools and it seems they don’t have a problem with me withdrawing from one and going to the other.

Since I already started classes at UC Berkeley, my main concern at this point would be whether it would look bad if I withdrew from here. Since the classes started, I’d be withdrawing rather than cancelling my admission at this point. It would state on my UCB transcript that I withdraw on such and such date etc, but there would be no trace of my classes/grades/units etc. I plan to pursue graduate school in the future, specifically an MBA or Law School and so these logistics with my transcript are important to me.

If anyone has any idea what the potential implications are of withdrawing from a university, please give me some advice! I’m worried about not potentially getting into grad schools because of this and would like some guidance about this matter!!

Thank you so much:)

has anything changed since you asked this question a few days ago?

I think what is new is that the OP has now missed the deadline of September 15th for dropping classes. So what did you decide to do, OP? And is Irvine still expecting you? Presumably you didn’t pay a deposit there. I think should stick it out for a semester assuming that your credits might transfer to your major back at Riverside.

So from what it seems, the September 15th deadline doesn’t really matter for withdrawal. I checked with the UCB registrar and they don’t seem to show a record of your classes on your transcript, it’ll just say my withdrawal date. Additionally, I already paid the deposit for Irvine a while ago prior to the SIR date, as initially I had decided to attend that school prior to deciding to go to Berkeley, so the option to go there still remains. My credits from Berkeley likely won’t transfer to UCR, as I’m an Econ major at Berkeley and a Business Admin major at UCR, so the coursework doesn’t have any overlap.

Not much, just the fact that I’m leaning more towards UCR than Irvine now, because Irvine still holds a lot of uncertainties since I haven’t attended that school yet.

Classes start next week at Riverside, right? Do you have a place to live? Where are you living in Berkeley? Can you up and leave your living arrangements? I know this doesn’t answer your question about grad school but you seem to not be addressing the practicalities of your situation. Have you thought about all this? As far as grad school goes…you will have an uninterrupted transcript at Riverside if you return and might need to disclose a false start at Berkeley. I don’t see any reason to further ponder this point. It is what it is and I personally don’t see a reason for this to hinder your advancement.

I have most of the other logistics figured out. My main concern at this point is how I’d explain going to Irvine after starting classes at UC Berkeley on any future grad school applications since that technically shouldn’t be possible ( you shouldn’t technically have 2 valid SIR’s). I could explain Riverside a little easier since it’s the school I used to attend anyways. Can someone please provide me with some guidance on this? I really think Irvine might be the best place for me now and I have most of the other logistics figured out such as housing etc.

You answered your question yourself. You need to realize that you are only one person and you can only go to one school. I think you’ll end up staying at Berkeley because you are so indecisive. Time usually makes all of our decisions for us when we are unable.

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Based on your original post, I thought your UCI admission was reinstated but you did not attend yet? If so, no reason to explain anything. Just withdraw your SIR. Am I missing something?

Sorry let me clarify: At this point, since the semester at UC Berkeley already started, I’d have to withdraw from the school and I’d receive a transcript from the school stating the date of my withdrawal. Since having two SIRs isn’t technically allowed, I’m wondering what would happen if I went to UCI & later applied for grad schools. How would I explain how it was possible for me to attend UCI after withdrawing from Berkeley ( this shouldn’t technically be an option as you can only have an SIR to one school past June 1st). My situation is unique in that UCI reinstated my SIR and didn’t take any action after I emailed them saying I was also enrolled at UC Berkeley. Additionally I’m just worried about the possible black mark of attending 3 universities during college. At this point I would have transferred from one UC to Berkeley and now to UCI.

I would really like to attend UCI and I have university housing/other logistics figured out there. The above items are my only concern^

In this post you say you want to go back to UCR — is it UCI or UCR?


Is there an advisor you could meet with ASAP? It seems that every minute that passes asking for advice here is potentially making your situation more complicated and riskier. I understand your concern and why you are asking these questions, but you’ve been asking this on an online forum for almost a week while deadlines are passing. I hope you will update us with a happy ending and I’m concerned your lack of urgency will prevent that.


Wherever you go, there you are.

You haven’t posted anything which suggests that Berkeley is a bad choice- just that the indecision of your predicament seems to be preventing you from moving ahead.

So move ahead. Jump into your classes. Become a member of the Berkeley community. Bloom where you are planted. You can’t know it’s a bad fit if you don’t give it your best shot.

I think with COVID-19 going on it will be easier to explain going back to UCR than it will be explaining enrolling in a third University with UCI.

Also if you know you like UCR and dislike UCB why take a gamble at IF you will like UCI? I would just either commit to making the most of your time at UCB or transfer back to UCR but every day that passes it becomes more challenging to either enroll in classes at UCR/UCI or put your best effort into your courses at UCB.