Wofford Scholar

<p>Does anyone know how generous Wofford is with the Wofford Scholars Scholarship? Do students with higher test scores generally receive more money or are all Wofford Scholars on equal footing when interviewing? Also, do they send out early scholarship notification letters or do we have to wait until March or April if you do not apply Early Decision? I would really like to make my decision by January and applied ED elsewhere. Wofford is one of my top three and $$$ is a significant factor in choosing a school if not admitted to my ED choice.</p>

<p>Anyone out there?</p>

<p>As a parent, I can only answer to the generosity of my child's scholarship money. Top 3% of high school class, 1300 SAT, 29 ACT, extremely active leadership roles in high school, sports, community service, etc. Received very generous scholarship money. I think they do look at SAT somewhat for scholarships, but I also think the overall/well-rounded student is highly considered. I am fairly certain as the SAT score goes up, the money probbaly goes up too. I do think interview helped to play a part in decision, but not sure. We did not hear about scholarship money until late spring. There are two Wofford Scholar Days, one in Fall, one in Winter, so I don't think you will know about money early on.</p>

<p>My son is a senior at Wofford. He's had a GREAT experience during his time there. He's made great friends with students, faculty, and administrators alike. He was a stellar hs student with great numbers. He interviewed for but didn't win the Richardson scholarship. He was awarded the Daniel scholarship (nowhere to be found on the site) with a value of 3/4 the comprehensive fee. He has won additional scholarships during his time there. He has been one of the Wofford Scholars Student interviewers. He's home for Thanksgiving. I'll try and get him to post later.</p>

<p>Thank you for the responses. I have visited Wofford again since first posting and I know I would be very happy there. I'm just concerned about costs. Everyone in the group interview seemed equal to me so I assume the amount awarded for Wofford Scholars will be based heavily on SAT/ACT scores.</p>