Wofford Scholarship opportunity

<p>My son is a Wofford Scholar. He is ranked #3 in his class of 343. He is student body president and active in junior civitans being president of his club, Lt. Governor of South Carolina club, and International Vice President. He has logged thousand of service hours and volunteers at local hospital during the summer. He plays varsity soccer and is in the marching band. What do you think his chances are of getting most of the 45,000 tuition? Any information would be helpful. Thanks</p>

<p>Hi, I'm a current freshman at Wofford. From my experience, Wofford is very generous with merit scholarships for students who demonstrate interest and have a strong academic background as well as leadership qualities. From what you have mentioned it seem as though, your son would be a strong candidate for a sizable merit scholarships. Merit scholarships range up to full ride. Note, that Wofford scholars are one several merit scholarship programs. There are two other scholarships he may consider applying for. One is Success Initiative, which is a scholarship, where students can build community or business projects; More info: Wofford</a> College - Success Initiative . Another is the Bonner Scholars program, which requires community service in return for scholarship support. More info: Wofford</a> College - Bonner Scholars . Both are outstanding opportunities that require separate applications (details are on their respective webpages). Many students seem to receive one of these two awards in addition to a Wofford scholars award (i.e. some students receive $30,000 from Wofford Scholars & $5,000 from Success Initiative- note Wofford scholars awards vary greatly). Good luck to him with the interview process for Wofford Scholars. Hopefully whatever scholarship support he receives enables him to become a member of the Wofford Family!</p>