<p>I recently visited Wofford and fell in love. One of the major things pulling me to Wofford is the strong foreign language department. I want to major in French and all the other schools I have looked at seemed to be weak in not only the french dpt but the foreign language dpt in general. Wofford is currently at the top of my list followed by Elon and Roanoke. I'm a little hesitant about going to a college that has less students than my high school, but I know there are benefits to a small school. Because Wofford is a serious contender, I have some questions as followed. Does wofford feel (social wise) as small as it is? What is there to do on the weekends? Is there good shopping in Spartanburg? Is there always something to do? Any additional info about either Wofford or Spartanburg is greatly appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>For me, Wofford is the perfect size. The size of the school affords a strong sense of community among students, where those in different groups often come together for different social events. On weekends, some people will choose to go to parties at the greek houses or in the village. Others will choose to go out into Spartanburg or Greenville (30 minutes away) for dinner & an activity (movies, shopping, concerts, etc). Between Spartanburg and Greenville, there is always something going on. Moreover, some students will choose to take weekend trips to the nearby mountains (45 mins) or the beach (3 hrs). Aside from Greek Life, there is a variety of clubs that students can join from religious organizations to special interest organizations (Ranging from Outdoors Club to Twin Towers- a service organization). Through these organizations you will meet others with similar interests and have plenty of social events. In addition, the Wofford Activities Council and Fun Funds arrange FREE school wide events. These range from Spring Concert (featuring a major headliner), Spring Weekend (Volleyball Tournament & Other Warm Weather Activities), Winter Lighting (Holiday Celebration Activities), Homecoming Festivities, and chartered trips to places such as the Biltmore and Carowinds. In addition since Wofford is Division I (Elon is as well, Roanoke is not) students go to the major sporting events (i.e. football, basketball, baseball). For Football, students dress up and tailgate several hours before the game in a student tailgate lot. Spartanburg has numerous good restaurants that Wofford students enjoy going to. As far as shopping is concerned, Spartanburg has major necessities covered such as a mall, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, etc, but some of the better shopping will be at the Premium Outlets (20 mins away) or Haywood Mall in Greenville. From someone who just finished their freshman year, there is always something to do on Wofford's campus and most students do not leave on campus- In fact, students from larger nearby schools (i.e. Clemson) come to Wofford some weekends b/c there are more activities here. Let me know if you have any other questions.</p>

<p>Since Wofford is heavily Greek, What's the social life like for students that prefer not to be involved in Greek life? Any hope for them?</p>

<p>My son is an outgoing student that has had tremendous success at Wofford. He is not Greek, but manages to be completely engaged in campus activities and is having an absolute blast in addition to doing very well in the classroom.<br>
He's heavily involved in student government, spent an interim term in Chile, has managed to intern in India, and was in Rome for the fall semester.
He'll graduate next spring. I don't know who will miss Wofford more, him or us.</p>

<p>Feel free to PM me and I can put you in contact with him.</p>

<p>Hi grinfixer,
Thanks for your reply. I can't PM you because I don't have enough posts so it won't give me access. But thank you for your encouraging response. My student is a daughter, and not really sure she wants to go the Greek route. It's good to hear your son has had such a great experience as an independent. Very reassuring.Thank you!</p>