Word limit for peer eval? Please reply soon!

<p>I know the form has like 2 paras worth of space, but im sending it through mail. My friend has written a 1000 word essay which runs very smoothly and beautifully. I dont want to cut it short because some essentials will be lost, as well as the flow. It's running to about 3 1/4 pages on Word right now.
Is a 1000 word essay okay, or was there a specified word limit?
A quick reply would be appreciated :)
Thank you :)</p>

<p>Send it by email, if its good the length won't hurt. If not, you are screwed. If you want to, ask him/her to summarize himself/herself. It won't look rough then.</p>

<p>^^thanks karan :)
I smoothened it a bit, but it's still just about 1000 words.
I think i'll let it be :O
Let me know if you hear otherwise!
All the best :D</p>