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First of, I am an international student who had answered the IGCSEs-Edexcel. Since I have not answered them in the UK but in my home country, how do I send those so-called attested credentials to WES? Can I send the original IGCSE result document I have received in an envelope enclosed with my school seal or British council seal? Do I have to send my high school transcripts too? I have tried contacting WES via email and phone but their communications fail miserably. Very late email replies and very long holding tune giving way to rude and uninformed staffs.
Second, how long does a WES evaluation take overall? I need that sent to the Uni before they can issue me an I-20. Please help me.

DO NOT send the original as it won’t be returned. You must send a notarized/certidied copy, where the certifying officer provides name, professional phone number, and position.
Igcse 's are valid regardless of the country where they were taken, that’s their point in fact.

@MYOS1634 yes that is their fact but when I chose maldives or china as country of education, I have found that there are information about IGCSE submission for those countries. WES states that external examination scores for IGCSE must be sent from the appropriate examining body, which in my case is EDEXCEL (Pearson). So are u sure when u say I can get a photocopy certified by any officer? That is an authority from my high school or so? Thanks for the information tho friend. Really appreciate u trying to help.
@JohnMattana umm, forgive me for not getting the point of the link but how is that supposed to make my situation any clearer mate?

JustinPon, WES always wants the results of external evaluations reported directly to them from the examining body, regardless of which country you’re from. The country-by-country list may be incomplete when it comes to international exams that you can take from anywhere in the world.

Regardless, you should go ahead and request a IGCSE certificate from Edexcel and have it sent directly to WES. If you are nervous, you can reach out to WES and ask them point blank if IGCSE reports sent to them directly from Edexcel are acceptable for an evaluation. I am very confident that the answer will be ‘yes’.

Again thank u so much truly @b@r!um I have already sent a mail to WES but they still havent replied yet. The final deadline for the submission of the evaluation to the uni draws closer with each day spent so I was trying to confirm before trying to spend a whooping €83 just for a rushed IGCSE service. Thank u from the bottom of my heart. God bless u.
1 more question tho if u dont mind… are the IGCSEs enough or do I have to send my high school transcripts too? I cant check with the ‘required documents’ list because non of those listed for my country applies to me. It is really confusing.