Worried about one of my students

I am writing on behalf of one of my students who, say, has applied and hopefully been admitted to some university for the upcoming academic year. The student is an excellent performer throughout the four years of high school and has been studying under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.

However, due to unforeseen health complications, the student misses out on two final subject exams that were scheduled during the final year of high school. As per CBSE rules, a student can appear for only one subject exam in a year, and the student would have to appear for the other exam in the following year to graduate. I would be able to, however, provide their entire year report, (minus the final exams), as well as their Predicted Marksheet to the schools.

My student in question is extremely hardworking, and it would break my heart if their health complications got in the way of their academic success.

In this context, would the student be allowed to begin the course on time, (around September 2023?), would their admissions decision be rescinded, acceptance be delayed for a year, or would there be any issues in the admission process? I would appreciate any information you can provide on this matter.

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You should contact the school directly and ask.


You might want to directly email the admissions people at the universities where your student has been accepted. Universities are so varied in the US there’s no general rule that applies to all of them.

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Will this student graduate from high school without this exam? If not, that could be an issue. As noted, the best source of information will be from the schools directly. This student needs to reach out and ask.

No, he will not graduate.

He needs to write and pass all 5 subjects to graduate, however, if they passed in one subject and didn’t write the other one, they would be able to write the other one the same year and graduate within the same year without any issues.

If not, they could write one exam the same year, wait for one year, and write the other subject the next year and graduate.

There’s also the third possible option, where they barely pass in one of the exams and do well in the rest, but I’m worried this would lead to their acceptance offers being rescinded.

My student has done very well the entire 4 years until a few months ago, where their health started deteriorating.

Oh, alright, thank you so much, I’ll contact them at the earliest.

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Thank you, I will.

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The offer will not be rescinded as long as they pass (just barely pass) all exams. :+1:
MANY American students get “senioritis” and get C’s in the Spring of Senior year. As long as they don’t fail any class, they’re good.
So, your student should sit their exams, get a C in the one that’s troubling you, and all would be good.